M-Tech Nagoya 2019 - Bước tiếp nối tiếp bước tiếp

AN MI Tools - Glorious summer, see you at M-Tech NAGOYA!

AN MI Tools is a wholly capital-owned enterprise with 100% Vietnamese manpower operating in the field of metal cutting tools, auxiliary industries, etc. for the fields of Mechanical, Petroleum, Aviation, Medical, Electronic,..
At that time, it was difficult for Vietnamese enterprises to find a foothold in the Vietnamese native. But with the effort and effort of the whole AN MI family, we have a small joy and a small affirmation:

"AN MI Tools is the first company producing mechanical cutting tools in Vietnam"

Why are we insisting so big.
Guys, it is simply because we did it, yes it's that simple!

In the beginning, we earnestly concern for the home appliance industry:

- Do we only know how to import?
- Do we only buy and use?
- We don't know how to make our own?
- Human resources, financial resources, material resources and brainpower of Vietnamese people are insufficient or insufficient?
- Or for some reason?

The age of AN MI Tools was still young, but with the effort, we have gradually been known by domestic and foreign friends through trade meetings, exhibitions bringing businesses everywhere. In the world.

Being one of the enterprises and the only company manufacturing metal cutting tools to go abroad to find a foothold and market for Vietnam at "Exhibition of manufacturing industry - M-Tech auxiliary mechanics" at NAGOYA Japan from April 15-19, 2019
M-Tech gives us the opportunity to showcase and introduce Vietnamese products and brands to friends of other countries and at the tool manufacturing powerhouse in Japan. We are fully ready for the best faith, faith, and product for this time

Here we bring you products, technologies and solutions for the metal cutting industry such as cutting tools, jig, molds, PVD coating technology, ..

We should belong together, invite you to visit our booth at Hall 3, booth 3-64

Sincerely ,